Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hungry Kya ???

Bong appetite
A must read is the first page of the menu. It will have you pointing out at the bengali dishes and reminiscing about home if you are a Bong. Love how they have justified the name.
Suits your pocket. Great variety. And a friendly host.
The Hilsa is impeccable, The Chicken Chaap ( not chop!!) is beyond words. And uff the Biryani is a must - eat.
Bong Appetite people!

Khoob Bhalo.....

Fitness- Its all about mindset

There can be many mental and emotional barriers to getting in better shape. Some are fairly extreme and beyond the scope of this guide, such as anorexia or bulimia. However, the ones that get most people in trouble are very simple, and are generally not that hard to overcome once they are recognized.
The most important aspect is not the specifics of a program or the details of a diet (though those are obviously important), but how you look at the situation. I don't mean in the sense that your mind is more powerful than what you do in the gym, although you'll need to have some self-discipline and commitment for obvious reasons. The main problem is that most people look at fitness in a warped, incorrect way. That's why they flunk, not because it has to be so hard in and of itself. What I mean is that you can't look at diet or exercise as a short-term ordeal that ends at some point when you aren't out of shape anymore. They must be seen as long-term lifestyle changes. That sounds kind of scary, but is actually not a big deal when you think about it, and once you start seeing results you will be motivated to continue.
Consider this: when people start dieting and exercise, they are often extremists about it. They try to work out 2 times a day, 7 days a week, or go on some crazy diet where they eat 500 calories composed entirely of herbal tea and tree bark. They hurt themselves or get sick or just hate life generally, and they fail. Then they get discouraged and get fat and out of shape again.
You can lose about 1-2 lbs of fat or build around .5 lbs of muscle a week as a male (females will build less muscle for a given amount of time due to hormonal differences). That's 50-100 lbs of fat and 25 lbs of muscle a year. In a year you’ll look way better than you do now and in three you’ll look pretty exceptional, assuming you are consistent and motivated. We know how the body works, we know what can be done, and we know how long it takes. Do not look for the easy-out, the miracle, or the fitness secret someone wants to sell you. You want results, not false promises - stick to a routine and diet and see it through. In otherwords, be persistent and be patient.

Traveller's Guide 2 Rajgarh

Rajgarh enjoys a unique position among the hill forts of Maharashtra. It possesses all the salient features of fort architecture which are peculiar to the Deccan region. Situated on one of the spurs of the Sahyadri Mountains known as Murum hill, region is about 35 kms south-west of Pune.It takes nearly 2 hours through to bike to reach Rajgarh from Pune (Khadki) The fort is at a height of approx. 1300 metres from sea-level.
It is a fantastic place to trek & one can stay over there also. It take nearly 3 hours to reach at the top. One should have adequate food & water. Best time to visit is monsoons but beware of slippery rocks.